Z-Clips at MBS. Hanging Systems for Art, Signs, Cabinets,Displays and More!

If you’re looking for Zclips, or products for hanging items on your wall MBS is a world leader is manufacturing and distributing the highest quality products in the industry at the lowest prices.

Wait a minute! Highest quality at the lowest prices? “How can that be” you’re probably wondering. Because at MBS we have employed the latest manufacturing and distribution methods . We do all our own designs in-house and like the the most successful companies in the world we’ve shopped in the global economy and found our manufacturer that will provide us with the quality you expect at a price we can deliver as the lowest in the industry. It’s possible because we’ve worked hard to provide it for you.

At MBS we are dedicated to you, the client, to give you what you need at a price that is affordable to keep your ROI under control. Whether you’re a sign installation company looking to find the lowest price to make what little profit you can or a large complex buying hundreds of the same system, buying from MBS is a smart move. Just compare our prices and you’ll see. Then, place an order and compare our products against what you’ve been paying more for. You’ll become a member of the MBS family.

And family is what it is all about here at MBS. We are a family run business and we support our employees as a members of our family and we invite you to become an extended member of the MBS family. You’ll see the difference once you buy.