February 21, 2015


Z-Clip – Panel, Sign and Art Hanging System

Z-Clips are the modern version of the French Cleat. Traditionally they were made from hardwoods (wiki) but ours are made from Aluminum and are one of the quickest ways to mount your items on a wall safely and securely while hiding the mounting hardware.

The idea of the z-clip is for mounting objects such as cabinets, panels or art on a wall where the studs for the wall are not in the ideal place to support what you want, where you want it. They spans across the studs for as far as a length needed. The second half is affixed to the back of the item to be mounted. Once this is done you just lift your piece on the wall and let the Z-Clips interlock and rest your piece firmly in place. That’s it! Gravity will take care of the rest. To make sure you are completely secure, if you’re mounting a cabinet, you can run a screw through at the bottom into a stud or anchor and that will insure your cabinet isn’t going anywhere.  For some applications we recommend a set for both the top and bottom for secure mounting of items such as heavy wall panels.

Common uses for them are for mounting wall panels (AMC or Phenolic panels), elevator wall panels, display boards, signs, acoustical panels, and of course, cabinets and art such as paintings.

Our Z-clips come in
 3 lengths:  2 Thicknesses:
  • 2 inches
  • 3 feet
  • 6 feet
  • 3/16″
  • 1/4″.

The only tricky part is to make sure that your clips are level both on the wall and your piece. If they are not then your piece will be crooked by what you are off with your clips.

Please watch this video that explains it pretty well.  If you have any questions please call us at (813) 938-6025

Z-Clip Most Common FAQs.

How Can I Hang my Art, Cabinets or Signs with Ease?

The concept of Z-Clips has been around for centuries.  Simply put, it is almost like a “bracket” that has two halves where you affix one half to the wall, the other half to the piece and they interlock when you put them together.  The most simple of solutions.

How Much Weight Can a Z-Clip Support?

There is no defined recommendation for the amount of weight a Z-Clip can support because in our testing our clips have never been the source of failure.  It always has been the substrate the Z-Clip mounting screws are screwed into.  In other words, the screws pull out of the wood or off the piece before the clips deform.  They are made from solid pieces of aluminum.  As long as you are distributing the weight properly they can hold hundreds of pounds over a 6 ft length given that proper mounting hardware is used and it is screwed into solid wood such as wall studs at the standard 16″ intervals.  The more mounting screws are used the more strength the system will have.

Where Did Z-Clips Come From?

The history of Z-Clips is believed to be from the French Cleat. This has special meaning here at MBS because we are a French-American company and we pride ourselves on both our French and American roots. The clips were first thought to be used by the French a few centuries ago. Of course, back then they were made of wood. Today we make ours from aluminum making them lighter, smaller and stronger.

What Z-Clip is Right For Me?

Deciding what Z-Clip you need is exactly why we suggest you call into our highly experienced staff to walk you through the buying process.  There are several factors to be considered.  Just some of them are:
  • What are you Mounting?
  • How Much does it Weight?
  • What is the Size of the Item?
  • Where are You Mounting it?
  • What Substrate are your Screws Going Into?
If you have any questions please call us at (813) 938-6025

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Z-Clip Hanging Systems from MBS

Light to Medium Duty

  • Height 1-13/16”
  • Thickness 3/16″
  • Lift Clearance 5/8″

MBS Display Systems

Medium to Heavy Duty

  • Height 1-1/2″
  • Thickness 1/4″
  • Lift Clearance 1/2″


Medium to Heavy Duty

  • Height 1-3/8″
  • Thickness 1/4″
  • Lift Clearance 3/8″

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